Friday, May 11, 2007

Smooth Elliptical Exerciser

If stationary bikes, Nordic Steppers or Bowflex home gyms are not conducive to your exercise needs, perhaps you may want to purchase a Smooth Elliptical Exerciser. What is an elliptical exerciser? Let’s review its merits.

An elliptical exerciser is a machine which enables your ankles, knees and hips to move fluidly in a completely natural motion with no jarring or jerking. It’s pretty much the same as a stationary bike, except there is no seating. With the elliptical exerciser, you receive an intense upper and lower body workout.

Features include:

  • Electromagnetic Braking System: With electromagnetic braking, gradual resistance is applied to provide fluid, smooth motion with less wear and tear.
  • Heavy Gauge Oval Steel Frame: Five-inch oval tubing adds style as well as durability and strength.
  • Nine Challenging Preset Programs: These programs encompass distance, calories, fat burning, and endurance.
  • Handgrip Pulse Sensors: Conveniently located on the handlebars.
  • Sixteen Resistance Levels: Forward and reverse motion allow beginners and avid users to benefit.
  • Roller-less Design: Allows for a smooth and silent operation.
  • LCD Display: Features course, profile, speed, time, distance, heart rate, calories and resistance level.
  • Tilt and Go Wheels: For easy mobility.

In addition, the elliptical exerciser supports up to 300 lbs; has minimal assembly; and a lifetime warranty for frame and brake; five years on all parts and electronics; and one year labor. Priced at under $1500.00, the ergonomic and smooth performance of the elliptical exerciser is one in which you will enjoy the fluid feel in both forward and reverse which will alleviate stress and impact on your joints. Because of its fluid motion and lack of impact on joints, elliptical machines are exceptional for those with back, knee, hip or joint problems. This type of weight-bearing exercise is ideal for lower body workouts. However, with the implementation of movable handles for upper body routines, cardiovascular benefits from elliptical use dramatically increase.

The elliptical exerciser encompasses all of the benefits you will need to tone and recondition your upper and lower body. Along with a proper diet regimen, you will derive the benefits associated with an all around exercise program.

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