Monday, May 7, 2007

Get Ripped! with Jari Love: Slim and Lean

Considered a fantastic workout DVD, Get Ripped! With Jari Love: Slim and Lean is suited for people of all fitness levels. This DVD comprises squats; lunges; chest presses; pushups; curls; and a multitude of exercises designed to tone and work on all muscle groups.

While some users found this DVD to be more advanced, most found that by using low weights they could still keep up with the pace. Users found exercise DVD increased their energy levels; incorporated a full body workout using weight training; and found the mix of exercises targeted all of the right areas.

If you have any knee problems, you may want to buy Jari Love’s first DVD entitled, “Get Ripped.” This 55 minute program is designed to increase muscle definition and get rid of body fat in three to four weeks. The exercises encompass resistance and cardio vascular workouts as well as increasing your metabolic rate. Touted by doctors as one of the best calorie burning exercises available, this DVD produces the most effective weight loss results to date.
Some of the comments made about this DVD include: “This is an endurance style weight workout - meaning that your weights are kept fairly light and you'll be doing a lot of repetitions.”

Another woman commented, “Jari gives great directions and information about the exercises. She makes you think about your form and breathing which is really important. I've done many videos where breathing and form are hardly mentioned. I absolutely enjoy this workout! There is a piece on Nutrition. Nutrition is just as important as exercise.”

“These exercises are 100% no-nonsense, consisting of high repetitions of classic, tried-and-true exercises like forward and plie squats, lunges, bicep curls, dead-lifts, overhead presses, lying inner & outer leg lifts, and minimal abdominal work. Jari's queing and instruction is right on the mark, and she gives clear explanation and attention to form.”

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