Monday, April 23, 2007

Confessions of a SuperMom's Obsessions

I've been tagged by Robyn at One Tough Momma to list my top 5 obsessions. What does a SuperMom obsess about you ask? Check it out...I bet yours are very close to mine!

  1. Making Lists - My memory is gone after the 3 labors and deliveries took most of my brain cells. I am constantly making store, "to do" lists, work lists, what's due this week lists, and the list goes on and on. I take great pleasure in being able to complete a task cross something off of my list.
  2. Organizational Tools - Charts, whiteboards, calendars, dry erase house is full of them and I can't get enough!
  3. Checking my email - This is the plight of the WAHM (Work at Home Mom)...I wake up in the morning, check my email...I come in from an appointment, check my email...I am cooking dinner, check my email...I'm on my way to bed, check my get the picture. This is a true obsession.
  4. Cleaning Little Hands and Faces - I don't care if you're my kid or not. I am forever armed with a wipey or a wet paper towel (sing it with me kids - warm water is our friend) to wipe down and ward off any potential messes on my kitchen chairs, refrigerator and family room furniture.
  5. Grey's Anatomy - Seriously...I HAVE to have my McDreamy fix weekly.

Thanks Robyn for allowing me to take a closer look at myself and realize that I really AM a freak!

I'm going to go ahead and tag two of my favorite SuperMoms to take part in this fun and enlightening exercise. Busy Mom and Suburban're it!


Robyn said...

That's right, we're freak friends, freaky friends, friendly freaks or just freakin' freaky.

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